DIY Hanukkah menorahs

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

Galvanized pipe menorah

-(1) 1/2" cross
-(8) 1/2" tees
-(8) 1/2" nipples
-(8) 2" nipples
-(3) 4" nipples
-(1) 5" nipple
-(9) 1/2" couplings
-(3) 1/2" round flanges

-Screw the (3) 4" nipples into the flanges.
-Screw the cross into 1 of the 4" nipples and a tee, sideways into the other (2) 4" nipples.
-Screw the 1/2 nipples into the tees, then alternate, tee, nipple, 3 on each side, cross in the middle.
-Screw a 2" nipple into each tee, the 5" nipple goes into the cross in the middle.
-Screw a 1/2" coupling into each nipple.
-Add taper candles and a bow and enjoy!

Kids wooden menorah

-2x2x8 cut into 12" for the base bar and a 2" block for the center candle.
-(11) 1/2" hex nuts
-(9) 1/2" washers
-(9) 3/8" hex nuts
-Glue gun and glue sticks
-Bow (optional)
-Paint and decorate the bar and block as desired. Let dry.
-Hot glue 2" block centered to top of 12" bar.
-Hot glue (2) large hex nuts to bottom of 12" block for feet.
-Hot glue stack of 1 large hex nut, washer and small hex nut to center of 2" block.
-Repeat the same stack, (4) on each side of the center block.
-Add bow (optional)