Former Maricopa County PIO arrested for alleged stalking

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his detectives have concluded a seven-month-long computer crimes investigation, involving a well-known former spokesman for the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Department.

Audie Greybear was arrested Monday by sheriff's detectives in west Phoenix. He faces felony charges of computer tampering, stalking, and ID theft.

"This was a complicated investigation," Arpaio says. "But after a computer forensics analysis, the issuance of multiple search warrants and other investigative work, the suspect was located, allowing the victim to be assured that the salacious emails being attributed to her will cease."

This all started in May of this year, when current MCACC spokesperson Melissa Gable began receiving sexually explicit texts to her work phone number from several men who believed they were responding to a Craigslist ad she had allegedly posted.

The emails caused Gable significant emotional distress, particularly because they contained Gable's full name, her work phone number and sexual comments about her boss.

"And then I started getting text messages, and it was men asking, are you up for some naughty fun, pictures, random text messages," says Gable. "One gentleman sent me directions to his home."

And Gable wasn't the only employee of Animal Care and Control to be allegedly victimized by the same assailant. Detectives have also determined that there was a second victim, Cory Hillyer, also a former employee at the shelter. Officials say he was sent sexually explicit emails containing his name and phone number.

Administrators from Craigslist were cooperative with the investigation, Arpaio says, and a forensic analysis of their information ultimately led sheriff's detectives to Greybear.

Greybear apparently lost his job at the shelter some time ago, a fact that the sheriff's office says may have soured his relationships with the victims.