Gift Card Bonus Deals

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Gift card bonus deals!

Now is a GREAT time to buy gift cards as gifts and for yourself to use at a huge discount.

You can get a $50 gift card to Clean Freak car wash for $25 or a $100 gift card for $50. They have express drive-through car washes for as low as $3 at some locations and they include a free vacuum. When you buy the discounted gift card for yourself, you could spend $1.50 a car wash.

Fry's is offering 4X fuel points through tomorrow (12/9). That means that for every dollar you spend on gift cards, you'll earn 4 fuel points. If you spend $100 on gift cards, that's 400 fuel points, and worth $.40 off up to 35 gallons of gas at Shell and Circle K gas stations. That's up to a $14 bonus!  We are putting in new floors in our house (tile that looks just like wood) and I bought gift cards to cover the amount I spent at Lowe's. Now I have over 11,000 fuel points!

Through my site you can get a $10 bonus card to Chili's good January 1st-February 10th when you buy a $50 gift card. Buy yourself a gift card before you go out to dinner!

Groupon has some amazing gift card bonus deals going right now. You'll get $5 in Groupon bucks when you buy a $25 egift card to Barnes and Noble, Toys r Us, Sephora, Whole Foods, Red Robin, and other places you'll love. If you plan ahead, you can buy gift cards for your holiday shopping and enjoy the rewards.