#UNSELFIE GIFTS: Gifts That Give Back

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#UNSELFIE GIFTS: Gifts That Give Back

Threads for Thought (Clothing) - Cool apparel that you can find nationally at retailers like Urban Outfitters, even Whole Foods! Made from fun earthy materials while helping to promote different causes and charities. Spend $100 and $10 goes to The International Rescue Committee. Great clothing for both men and women!

Artful Giving (Holiday Cards) - Local MOM discovers a passion for painting and turns it in to a selfless business! 100% of the proceeds go to charities near and dear to Peggy Baze's heart! 12 cards for $15 all the while benefiting UMOM! Send a Holiday Hello while being helpful to the community.

TOMS for Target (Clothing, Household Items, Accessories... Campaign) - For every gift you give/TOMS item you purchase, Target will give 1 blanket, or 1 pair of shoes, or 1 week of meals! TOMS expands their brand with the help of one of my favorite stores! Now you can snuggle in TOMS blankets while sipping from your TOMS coffee mug, knowing that your purchase went beyond your experience at home. TOMS has merchandise for babies to boyfriends (Sometimes they are the same thing... Baby Boyfriends.)

Tess + Tricia (Jewelry) - Tess and Tricia are a Mother/Daughter Duo from Minnesota. I discovered them on Instagram and instantly loved their style. They not only financially contribute to charities, but the mother and daughter visit shelters weekly where they teach at-risk, victimized, and homeless women how they make their jewelry through workshops. If interested, they leave product and pieces for the women to continue to contribute to the productivity of the company and will pay the women to help assemble their pieces.

Emi - Jay (Hair ties, Shirts) - Emi & Jay are two young sorority sisters who made a name for themselves placing their hair ties on the pony tails of some of Hollywood's elite. However, their silly tank tops, definitely made to inspire trips to the gym, are what caught my attention. These beautiful brunettes graciously donate 20% of their profits to charity, while makes it awfully easy to throw down for a $29 tank top!