Mom Squad members share their thoughts on family identity

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What word would you use to describe your family culture?
If I had to describe my family culture I would say we are a loving, supportive, Christ following group that is filled with ambitious, driven, loud, animated, corky people who have been blessed with a gift of helping others.
What do you do within your family create this identity? How has this changed as over the years as the kids have grown up?
Well, to be honest I don't think you can "create" being ambitious or driven, nor can you create a "loud" person. I don't even think these are necessarily a learned behavior. Let me give you an example:
I was adopted from birth by an AMAZING mother and father. I was an only child and the first girl in 20years on either side of my family. As a little girl I still remember being told I was "loud" , I was always told I was "animated" (I have always talked with my hands) I always remember being drawn to large families. I also remember always being very ambitions in many aspects in my life. I tend to jump and then look. If someone tells me it is too big or too hard to jump something in me makes me want to do it even more to prove them Neither of my parents that raised me were like this. I was extremely outgoing and my mom was the extreme opposite. My birth family found me about 5 years ago and I WAS HANDS DOWN SHOCKED and surprised about similarities. That old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" ..... ITS TRUE! Even funnier was the comparison of family cultures from theirs to the one I had created within my own family unit.
Now, let's talk about "helping others". This is a quality that I think drives me. I love to go out of my way to help others. This we do foster and grow with in our family of 5. I think the best way my husband and I help instill this in our three kids is by LEADING BY EXAMPLE.
My children are still young so I have not really noticed a change in our families culture.

As I always do when i get "My Assignment" I send the question to my family?  This is the response from a daughter-in-law who lives in California.  I think she summed it up. I don't think I realized how "inclusive" we are until I read her email.
Baba Cvejta & Jedo Mirko were elderly cousins who lived with us when we first came to AZand we called them Aunt & Uncle.  He was VERY sickly and died in our living room. We had no furniture so Mitch and I slept on the couch. They slept on our bed.  She went back to Penna after he died but returned to AZ after our twins were born to help me. At the time I had four children under three???  She felt like she needed to return the favor.  She was wonderful.
  Interesting side light - They did not have a lot of money, BUT she would spend the winter and ALWAYS paid her own way to come to AZ because she wanted people to know she wanted to come and we did not force her.