Mickey the pit bull a 24-hour jail webcam star

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Move over Steven Seagal, there's a new star at the Maricopa County Jail.

Mickey, a pit bull terrier who was almost given a death sentence after he attacked and mauled a 4-year-old Phoenix boy in February, is the subject of a new 24/7 jail reality show.

The MickeyCam went live Wednesday and fans can watch the 3-year-old dog around the clock while he roams his lair inside Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's air-conditioned, no-kill animal jailhouse shelter.

Arpaio took custody of Mickey in May after a judge ruled the dog was vicious but would be saved if an appropriate shelter was found for him.

Mickey bit Kevin Vicente in the face in February after the child wandered into the yard where the dog was chained and tried to take a bone away. The child needed several surgeries to repair the damage to his face.

The dog's plight went viral as more than 75,000 people on social media sites pleaded for his survival and 50,000 people petitioned Phoenix Municipal Court Judge Deborah Griffith to spare the dog's life, the sheriff's office said.

Arpaio offered to take custody of the dog and let him serve a "life sentence" in the MASH jail (Maricopa County Sheriff's Animal Safe House) without the possibility of parole (adoption or fostered out).

Mickey was neutered, de-fanged and microchipped and taken to Arpaio's no-kill shelter May 1.

Attorney John Schill, who worked in court to save Mickey, and Annie Duddy, a supporter of the dog, donated $1,000 of their own to have the 24-hour webcam placed in Mickey's jailhouse home so the legions of Mickey fans could keep an eye on the dog they fought to save, according to an MCSO news release.

The MickeyCam went live on the MCSO website home page on Wednesday afternoon.

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