911 Call: Scottsdale teen stuck in chimney

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Firefighters rescue Arizona teen from chimney

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) -- Firefighters spent an hour rescuing an Arizona teenager from a chimney where he got stuck after getting locked out of his home.

Firefighters from Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe fire departments were ultimately able to pull the 13-year-old boy to safety from inside the home Tuesday night.

The boy had tied an extension cord to a vent to climb down the chimney, but he got stuck inside. Realizing he was trapped, he called 911.

While the rescue was underway, firefighters worked on the rooftop and had spotlights lighting up the Scottsdale home.

They gave him a mask and goggles to protect him from dust disturbed by the removal process.

The boy's parents weren't home at the time, but firefighters reached a family member to look after the boy for the evening.

Scottsdale teen rescued after getting stuck in chimney

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SCOTTSDALE -- A Scottsdale teenager found himself in a tight situation Tuesday night when he got stuck in his own chimney.

This happened around 7:00 p.m. near Hayden and Oak in south Scottsdale. The 13-year-old boy became trapped after he reportedly got locked out of his house, and tried to enter by going down the chimney.

Crews from the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe fire departments were all called to the scene. Technical rescue crews then went to work trying to extricate the boy.

The teen had apparently entered through the top of the chimney Police say he took an extension cord and tied it to a vent, and went down. But once inside, he got stuck in the "flue" area.

"It was about this wide, up top, where he went in," describes Capt. Dave Folio of the Scottsdale Fire Department. "So he just literally went down, hanging onto that rope. he got down to that area and realized he couldn't go out. He just sat there and called 911."

Once the boy realized he was trapped, he used his cell phone to call 911.

During the rescue, crews were able to hand the boy a mask and goggles so he wouldn't be affected by the dust being raised in the extrication process.

Rescuers were able to bring the teen out of the chimney safely. He was shaken up but not hurt.

His parents were not home at the time of the rescue, but firefighters were able to reach a family member to come stay with the boy.