Holiday gift ideas for mom

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Monika Patel with Scottsdale Moms Blog shared some gift ideas for moms this holiday season.

1). Fits for the Occasion Tiles - For the home entertainer
Fits for the Occasion Tiles is a new line of stylish, erasable ceramic accent labels with interchangeable, magnetically attached motif designs. They are perfect as dinner table place cards for guests, as descriptive accessories for each dish being served and for many other entertaining uses. Each Fits for the Occasion ceramic label tile can be customized for the setting and occasion by simply detaching one motif and attaching a new one. Comes in 16 different motifs to fit any party or gathering theme. The Fits for the Occasion Tiles come in two sizes, 6-by-8-inch MessageTile size and 2.25-by-3.75-inch PlaceTile size. $14.95 - $38.95, depending on size and style.  
2). Downton Abbey Fragrances - For the perfume lover
Each scent has top, middle and bottom notes that develop slowly after application on the skin, creating a sensual experience that lasts for and develops over a period of hours. It is this kind of painstaking fragrance artistry that allows the Downton Abbey collection perfumes to reflect the personality of the show's characters. $74.99 (8 ml).

3). Light Affection - For those who appreciate unique memory/keepsake items
Light Affection frames are framed sculpture duplications of any photograph. The photograph is duplicated perfectly in sculpture and then combined with a beautiful lighting system that illuminates every aspect of the sculpture, creating a work of art that makes the memory displayed in a photograph seem as if alive and making it even more treasured. Comes in sizes from night-lights to large frames in various styles and shapes. $45 - $239 depending on size.

4). Sachi Insulated Fashion Handbags - For work or on the go
Sachi Insulated Fashion Bags are insulated, fashionable lunch bags suitable for any setting. Stylish and roomy enough to double as a purse or handbag, while effectively keeping food hot or cold as desired. Handles fold down for easy fit in the refrigerator. Zips closed and handles fold down to the sides so that you may lay it flat, allowing for easy refrigerator storage. Comes in a variety of styles and colors. Retails for $5.99 - $27.99.  

5). Cushies - For comfort around the house
Comes in a variety of colors in sizes for both men and women. $19.99.

6). Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System - For the music lover
The Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System combines the best facets of a high-quality, wireless Bluetooth speaker and a therapeutic sound and sleep therapy device. Perfect for improving sleep, blocking noise and managing tinnitus. Ten different sounds are built-in and more sleep/sound therapy tracks/sounds can be downloaded from the store or from the Sound Oasis Apps. $59.99.

7). Clever Crates Folding Utility Boxes - For the home organizer
Pop 'em up, fold 'em down. Clever Crates are the smartest, easiest way to organize and transport household items. Ranging in size from 32-liter (35-pound capacity) to 62-liter (132-pound capacity), coming in both open-walled and solid wall versions and with or without handles. They are made from durable, reusable, sustainable and recyclable material. Comes in a variety of colors. $11.99 - $19.99 depending on size.