Holiday decor and gift ideas

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Looking for some holiday decor for your home or Christmas gifts for friends and family? 3TV's Tess Rafols and Jason Volentine shared some items that we found:

Fodeez Frames
Fully customizable holiday display frames and dry-erase boards that work on all smooth surfaces and can be reused hundreds of times. A great way to show off those new family holiday photos! They are available at 4,000 select Walgreens locations nationwide.

Twist and Seal Mini
Keep the outdoor decorations shining bright! Twist and Seal keeps holiday light cord connections safe from rain or snow. This smart solution insulates small holiday light cords, enclosing connectors inside a tight cocoon. For just $5 each, this award-winning product helps protect families from outages and electrical shock. Available at national retailers including Home Depot, Target and Lowe's.

BlissLights Spright
The Spright move is on the cutting edge of laser and holographic technology, creating an effortless new way for showcasing rooftop, nativity, or other scenes and transforming them into breathtaking holiday displays in just a few minutes. Instead of simply projecting a static light, it has been designed to shine thousands of moving pinpoints that will dance and sway across any surface from walls and palm trees to glassy pools and driveways.
One single energy-efficient light is capable of covering an impressive 30-by-30-foot area, and is touted for its easy installation and setup. Simply place it in the desired location -- either indoors or out -- plug it in, and point. A mesmerizing landscape of stars will appear as if by magic, leaving folks with plenty of time and energy to enjoy the finer festivities of the season.

Appliance Art
Perfect for entertaining, Appliance Art's Instant Granite, Instant Chalkboard and Appliance Covers add a luxurious yet affordable flair to any event. Easy to apply, the granite and chalkboard come in rolls; just apply to the surface and go! Appliance Covers are magnetic or adhesive, and they are available in a variety of holiday-themed patterns.

Garbage Pantz
Garbage Pantz is a line of durable, flexible, all-weather decorative covers that expand to fit most sizes and shapes of trash cans. Garbage Pantz is an attractive, stretchy garbage can cover that simply slides on ugly cans giving them an instant makeover. The Garbage Pantz company is also now launching a small selection of indoor covers for kitchen trash cans. The indoor Garbage Pantz can cover most 7- to 14-gallon trash cans and similarly sized containers or bins. See Garbage Pantz selections at

Dareway (Segway for kids)
Think of a Segway for adults, then think of a smaller and safer version for kids and you've got the Dareway! Until now, ride-ons for kids were pretty much mini-cars for tots to putter around in. Kids ages 5 and older really didn't have many choices for ride-on fun until they'd hit electric scooters or dirt bikes. Famosa's Dareway fills the gap, and now kids ages 6 to 10 have a super fun, super cool ride-on to call their own!

"The Girl Who Saved Christmas" 
Featuring a red velvet cover, a gold reading ribbon and a privacy clasp, this book is the perfect Christmas classic for the holiday season. Little ones will fall in love with Molly McAme and the magical story of Christmas forgiveness! Such a remarkable treasure that lifts your spirit and reminds us of the joy of the holiday season! Here is a quick video teaser of the story: