3OYS: Scottsdale woman charged $700 for laser hair removal services she never used

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Sarah Rabiah is a college student who likes to feel and look nice.

But there's one beauty regimen she doesn't look forward to.
"I hate shaving. It's the worst," she said. "I love laser hair removal."

Sarah says laser hair removal is supposed to become permanent if done enough times, so she signed up for a $99 monthly contract for 18 months with a company called Simplicity Laser.
But after all that money, around $1,800, Rabiah says she still wanted more

“After the 18 months, I still had hair that I wanted removed, so they did a three-month contract," she said.

That extension was short lived because right around that time is when she started to take a medication prescribed by her doctor.

And once Simplicity Laser found out she was on those meds, laser hair treatment had to be stopped.

"I told them I was on an antibiotic prescribed by my doctor, and they told me because of light sensitivity that they couldn't do the treatment. So they turned me away," Rabiah said.

She says the laser hair removal company told her to provide written confirmation from her doctor saying she was on the medicine, and they would stop automatically taking the $99 from her account every month and credit her any monies they had already taken.
“They had told me if I gave them a note from my doctor, it would cancel my contract and I would get a full refund for the services I didn't receive," she explained.

However, even though Rabiah provided that doctor's note, Simplicity Laser kept taking $99 from her account and she couldn't get the business to stop.

"Seven months, $99 per month," she said.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Simplicity Laser Hair Removal, and they apologized for the misunderstanding.
They also agreed to refund Rabiah all of the money taken from her account, right around $700.
Rabiah says she's relieved and owes it all to 3 On Your Side for helping out.

Simplicity Laser was a great company to work with and profusely apologized for the communication error. The company said it will work hard to make sure a mistake like this doesn't happen again in the future.