Baby's memory lives on through Christmas Angel

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

PHOENIX -- One family's heartache is bringing hope to others this holiday season thanks to the 3TV Salvation Army Christmas Angel program.

It's been seven years since Mona Lucero lost her grandson Xavier.
"My grandson is buried here. My grandson was a surprise little angel himself we didn't know he was coming. He lived for about an hour and a half and then he went onto heaven, we hope," Lucero said.
Ever since, he's been known as Baby X. Shortly after his death, Lucero said, "I didn't want to do flowers, I didn't want to do a toy at the cemetery, I wanted to do something different that would honor him." 
So when Lucero heard about 3TV's Christmas Angel program.
"Every year I try to find a boy either named Xavier or a boy that's his age or a boy named Xaiver, his age, and most years I've been pretty lucky to find that Xavier that was his age so, It's pretty special when I find that boy." 
"There he is. Xavier. Age 7. He's perfect!" Lucero read over the tag. "This little boy wants legos, wrestlers and hot wheels so I think we can do that." 
"This program also helps those individuals who are seeking some healing in their own lives and Mona's story is a perfect example of that," Major John Brackenbury with the Salvation Army said. "So not only does it help that family who is getting the toys, it so often helps a family or individual who are providing those toys as well." 
The Salvarion Army says there are between 50-60,000 children who won't wake up to Christmas this year.
"What we're seeing is just so many families who are on the verge of financial ruin, they're one or two paychecks away from finding themselves losing everything just so many of those families coming to us, needing assistance," Major Brackenburg said.
Lucero now find peace knowing her surprise little angel Xavier is providing Christmas surprises for others.
"I just feel that Baby X was the one who prompted me to do this,"  she said.