What are the chances of recalling Douglas?

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PHOENIX -- She hasn't even had one day on the job, but a campaign is underway to recall the new superintendent of public instruction.

What are the chances of actually recalling Diane Douglas?

Election officials can't remember when or even if a statewide officeholder has been recalled from office and when you consider the logistics and who's behind this, a lot of political experts will tell you that's it's not going to happen this year.

"This is a very large and very political effort," Max Goshert said.

Goshert is brand new to politics, but the 24-year-old is taking on the monumental task of ousting the incoming state schools chief.

"She doesn't have any teaching experience in a classroom full of children," Goshert said. "The only teaching experience that she has is something that she touts of teaching stained glass classes."

Even as the ballots were being counted, Goshert started the "Recall Diane Douglas" Facebook page. It was an immediate hit, getting thousands of likes, so he took it a step further this week and officially registered a campaign committee.

"Once the Facebook page really started blowing up, we could see how the community was very, very, very upset about this election and how people in the hundreds and the thousands started coming in to support and at that point we realized that it was really our responsibility to take this effort seriously," Goshert said.

Now comes the hard part. Goshert will have to gather more than 367,000 signatures to get the recall on the ballot -- a costly and time-consuming process that has some political pros casting doubt.

"That's a tough hill to climb, several hundred thousand signatures at a time people when people are done talking about politics," said political expert Marcus Dell'Artino. "We just went through an election. It's the last thing they want to discuss."

Douglas ran a low-key campaign, running on the single issue of scrapping Common Core. Since scoring her unexpected victory, she's largely ducked the media.

Dell'Artino said regardless of what people think of Douglas, the recall will have a hard time succeeding

"It'll be difficult for them to be taken seriously," Dell'Artino said. "Again, it takes a real professional organization to put forth this effort for a recall election. It's a lot of work."

Registering as a campaign committee allows Goshert to start raising money even though state law prohibits politicians from being recalled from office until he or she has been in that office for at least six months.


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