Tips for turning seasonal work into a full-time opportunity

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The holiday season brings with it new opportunities for employment. And while many positions are temporary, a lot of times there is full-time potential.

Case in point? Executemps Southwest. The staffing agency in Phoenix is looking for 400 people to fill various food and beverage positions starting at the end of December, ahead of the big bowl games.

"It ranges per client, per job, on the low end probably about 9 up to about 13, for the surrounding events, with about a 10-12 average," says Dale Enge, Manager of Client Services & Training at ESW.

While many of these seasonal jobs are just that, Ryan Naylor, president of says often they can lead to permanent positions.

"A lot of times this is looked at as an extended interview process," says Naylor. "It's their way to see, are you reliable, what's the trustworthy factor, and are you going to do what you say you're going to do and show up on time."

To that end, Naylor and Executemps Southwest say people should treat these positions with fulltime respect, showing their boss they're worth the investment to keep around.

"It's really, be on time at your location ready to present yourself in whatever it is that you're doing and that really catches employer's attention," says Michelle Hansen, Assistant GM at ESW.

Naylor says even if you are not able to land that staff spot, a good work ethic goes a long way, and could lead to another opportunity in the future.

"Take advantage of the opportunity, somebody's willing to pay you, get you a paycheck, get you some extra revenue before the holidays, what a great thing for your family," says Naylor.