4Th grader finalist in cafeteria makeover contest

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

MESA, Ariz. -- A Valley 4th grader is hoping that his cooking skills will win his school's cafeteria a makeover. Ethan Woodson is close to accomplishing that.

The appliances in the kitchen at Highland Elementary are 30 years old.

Woodson entered the Ben's Beginners National Cooking Contest last month with the help of his brother and mother.

Woodson is a finalist in the video contest.

His big brother, Ashton, produced the video.

"It was a lot of pressure seeing if I'll mess up and we'd have to do it all over again," Ashton said of making the video.

If they win, the school's cafeteria will get a much needed face lift.

"The school helped us out a lot in different ways and it was a chance to give back to the school if we can if we win," said Ethan's mother, Danielle.

Longtime Principal Suzi Rollins said her team of cooks are challenged daily, responsible for preparing more than 700 meals for hungry students.

"It's cramped and they have to move certain things every day in order to have the space they need as they prepare those meals," she said.

Ethan's video made it to the top 25 last week, on Wednesday, he could just be one of five top winners.

If he wins the contest, not only will the kitchen be remodeled, but his family will also receive $15,000. Money his parents could certainly use as both are unemployed this holiday season.

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