Puppy to star in new GoDaddy Super Bowl ad

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GoDaddy wants the public to names this puppy, its newest star for a Super Bowl ad. By Catherine Holland GoDaddy wants the public to names this puppy, its newest star for a Super Bowl ad. By Catherine Holland

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Known for its edgy Super Bowl ads, Scottsdale-based GoDaddy is putting its unique twist on a tried-and-true strategy. They are using a spokespuppy.

Now all he needs is a name.

GoDaddy revealed the young male Golden retriever Monday and said that while he might be an unproven talent, he "demonstrated a dynamic chemistry with the camera at the young age of 9 weeks and that's what landed the coveted Super Bowl role," according to a GoDaddy news release.

GoDaddy is calling on the public to help name its newest star. Suggested names can be posted to the GoDaddy Facebook page, or via Instagram or Twitter @GoDaddy using the hashtag #GoDaddyPuppy. Suggestions are being reviewed between now and Thursday morning, according to the release.

The GoDaddy puppy's name is set to be announced Thursday at 8 a.m. Arizona time, just before the director calls "action." Go to GoDaddy's Facebook page or check Twitter @GoDaddy Thursday morning to learn whether your suggestion is headed to the world's largest advertising stage.

"We've had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas and we've even registered a few domain names for the little guy, but we just haven't landed on one we think is just right, so we thought, why not see what the public can come up with for our little 10 pounds of cute," GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman said in a news release.

This is the 11th consecutive Super Bowl ad campaign for the small-business service provider, and it is designed to encourage business owners to put their companies online.

The spot is called "Journey Home" and will reflect the journey of a small-business owner. GoDaddy was not revealing plot specifics, but promised the commercial will be unpredictable and twist conventional Super Bowl advertising in a way that speaks to how GoDaddy helps make small-business owners' lives better by way of easy-to-use technology, according to the release.

NASCAR star Danica Patrick, who has been a GoDaddy spokeswoman for years, will join the puppy in the commercial. This will be her 14th Super Bowl ad, but she has no illusions about who the real star is.

"I'm pretty sure this little GoDaddy puppy is going to steal the show," she said in a statement. "I love this year's surprise ending. I really don't think people will see the punchline coming."

A New York agency called Barton F. Graf 9000 created the ad.

When it comes to GoDaddy's Super Bowl ads, "standard" is not the first word that comes to mind. The company seems to enjoy pushing the limits, apparently priding itself on seeing just how racy its ads can be.

The 2015 Super Bowl ad marks a continued shift in focus, going from the quest for name recognition to helping small-business owners understand what the company can do to help them succeed online.

Last year marked the company's first departure from its reliance on titillation.

The two 2014 commercials featured women who own small businesses, one of whom used the spot to let her boss know that she was quitting.

GoDaddy has run two Super Bowl spots in the past but only purchased one 30-second spot for 2015.