PD: Mom gave 12-year-old son Xanax to silence voices in his head

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A Glendale mother is facing criminal charges for giving her 12-year-old son some of her Xanax.

According to the probable cause statement, it happened Sunday night. Police received a 911 call reporting a hysterical 12-year-old who was hearing voices and having homicidal thoughts.

Brittany Rogers, 30, told the responding officer that her child had been hearing voices telling him to hurt himself about an hour before she called 911.

Rogers explained that she heard similar voices and that Xanax helped. Thinking the medication would help her son, as well, she cut one of her 2 mg pills into four pieces and gave him one.

According to court paperwork, Rogers said she did not know it was a crime to give her child Xanax that had not been prescribed for him.

The responding officer said the victim was lying on a bed with his grandmother. According to the officer, the boy "looked very upset; he was red in the face and could not stop crying."

Rogers already was on probation for a DUI involving a child younger than 15.

A judge set a $2,100 bond for Rogers. She is due back in court for a status conference on Dec. 2, followed by a preliminary hearing on Dec. 4.