Mom Squad members share their thoughts on filtering out the kids' stuff!

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From Krissy
I wish we had a system for limiting the toys. I try to limit the kids to what they can fit in the toy bins, but that seems to be a losing battle.
Before gift related events, like birthdays or christmas, we DO go through everything to evaluate what we have- what we still play with- and what we can possibly let go of.
Still, my kids insist they absolutely need to hang on to some weird stuff, broken stuff, or just old stuff that I know they will never actually miss. So, I admit I am guilty of sorting through things while they are away and sneaking out a load of clothes and toys to the goodwill.
We are planning a big toy & clothing sort in preparation for a garage sale before the holidays.

From Laura
I am not the best at getting rid of the kids' things, but when I do, I do it covertly.
The boys usually oppose thinning out their toys or clothes if they are witness to it, so I typically do it when they are not home. I usually sell clothes back to a local shop, or donate to Wounded Warriors charities or other local groups.
If the kids have a birthday or Christmas coming up, it can motivate them to clear out under the guise of "making room for other fun gifts" before the big day, and they will often bring me a few items that they have decided to part with. We've also worked together before a birthday to clear out stuff, as we discuss kids who don't have any toys and how good it feels to share when those items are donated.
I want to save everything with sentimental value from their stages of life, so it can be overwhelming if I keep it all. I have learned to take pictures of some special things as my children are using, wearing or playing with them- because a picture takes up much less space than a toy.
I also am in the process of sorting special items (trophies, medals, artwork, journals, favorite stuffed animal) into 3 Rubbermaid bins- one for each boy- that I can keep adding to before putting back on a shelf in the garage.