How to plan a wedding for $1,000

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- The holiday season is often a prime time for engagements.

So could you plan a wedding on $1,000?

That's the challenge 3TV offered up to one Valley wedding planner and she accepted.

"I thought it was nearly impossible to be able to come up with a wedding for a thousand," said Cicely Rocha-Miller.

That's what she thought at first until she started brainstorming.

"Why not ask each one of your guests to bring a single flower? Give them a particular color scheme to stay within, and then as you're walking down the aisle, collect those flowers and ultimately that becomes your bouquet, so there's some sentimental value to it as well," Rocha-Miller said.

"You have to think simple. Taco trucks, taco carts, utilizing any of our local food trucks -- those are some great resources. If you don't want to pay for the food yourself, those food trucks can hand that cost down right to your guests," Rocha-Miller added.

She says Phoenix has beautiful parks that could make a great, free backdrop for a wedding.

"Have your guest bring their own chair; have them plop it down in the middle of the park where it's going to be held," she said. "The park is a fantastic place to have an affordable, beautiful backdrop, in particular Papago Park with those mountains behind us."

Rocha-Miller says there are so many ways to cheat your way to a rocking wedding on a grand.

She suggets setting up chinese lanterns for ambiance, using your iPod for music, and even making your own art installation, like one of her brides did.

"Her and her mother actually folded these paper airplanes, and they constructed a chandelier from them," Rocha-Miller said.

She also says many liquor stores will take back any alcohol you didn't open.

She admits she served the cheap stuff at her wedding, "but it did the job and people didn't care."

Because when it comes down to it, you shouldn't have to hang a hefty price tag on true love.

"The overall feeling of a wedding for $1000 is just going to be about love," Rocha-Miller said.