'Pregnant man's' estranged wife reacts to his arrest

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Thomas Beatie, known as the "pregnant man," was arrested Thursday for allegedly stalking his estranged wife, Nancy.

On Friday, Nancy Beatie sat down with 3TV for an interview to discuss the allegations.

"The first feelings were fear, that he's been doing this to me for so long," she said. "Then a little bit of not feeling well, like sick. Like, oh my gosh, he's been knowing everywhere I've been, stalking me, and it's scary."

Beatie was arrested Thursday, after a GPS tracking device was found on his wife's car back in September.

She said the detective on the case told her the device had been on her car for at least two years.

According to court paperwork, Thomas Beatie admitted to placing the device on his wife's car and then logging into an online account to monitor where she was going.

Nancy Beatie said she was told, "the last couple of months, he has tracked me in only a little bit of time, 20 times in a month, or something like that."

The couple, who were married for years, have three children. Thomas Beatie, who used to be a woman, gave birth to all three children.

Right now, the estranged couple has joint custody.

Their marital troubles became public in 2012 when video showing a belligerent Nancy Beatie was released by TMZ. They have been trying to get a divorce for the last two years.

"She's just tired of being bullied, being harassed and now stalked by him," said her attorney, David Higgins. "Hopefully, this puts an end to it."

3TV did go to Thomas Beatie's home to try and talk to him about the arrest, but he was not home.

After our stories aired, our reporter received an email from Amber Beatie, who says she is Thomas Beatie's fiance.

The email said in part, "The only reason for Thomas using the GPS was to give us peace of mind when the children were with Nancy," adding that, "in no way did he believe he was doing anything illegal by wanting to protect his children and ensure that they were not taken from him or in danger in any way."

It goes on to say that, "Since Nancy has never been a truthful person and has made many threats in regards to disappearing with them, this was the only solution he could come up with at the time."

She then said that she is the one who is bringing the children to Nancy Beatie on her scheduled days for the last year because Thomas Beatie did not want to be harassed or attacked verbally by his wife in front of the children as "she has done in the past."

Amber Beatie says they are confident that after the judge review the facts of this case, the felony stalking charge will be dropped.

Nancy Beatie denied any claims that she's made threats to take the children. She says she just wants to move on with her life and co-parent as amicably as possible.


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