At what age should children handle guns?

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

PHOENIX -- Guns have been a hot topic when it comes to how they should be handled and at what age it's OK for a child to handle one.

Local Valley father John Correia thinks there isn't a specific age when children should be able to handle a gun.

"When a child is old enough to follow instructions and to listen and to think a little bit then they are old enough to start learning," Correia said. "So sometimes that's as young as five or even six years old."

He has two daughters, Sarah, 12, and Abby, 9, whom he regularly brings to the shooting range and out hunting.

"My favorite gun is my .22 rifle that I shot earlier. I feel really safe around guns," Abby said.

John taught them about gun safety when they were just three years old. He began teaching them with Nerf guns.

John highlighted on the importance of going over gun safety each and every time you pick up a gun.

"Every time that we get the firearms out we go back through the rules of firearms safety," Correia said.