Undocumented immigrants get a chance to work legally

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

PHOENIX -- Leticia Ramirez has four kids that are U.S. Citizens but has spent two decades living in the Valley as an undocumented immigrant.

She has worked under the table cleaning houses and decorating cakes but said being illegal makes it hard to find enough work to help support her family.
She joined dozens in downtown Phoenix listening to the President's plan to give work permits to parents just like her.

"I'm excited i'm going to be able to work," Ramirez said.
When asked what she says to critics that believe President Obama's action will take jobs away from citizens, she said, "It is not going to take away their jobs. That is not true. Go and wake up at four in the morning, they wont do that."
Job expert Michael Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing, agrees.

"We are basically a low wage state.There are openings for these people. There are a lot of people that wont take 'em cause they have access to unemployment food stamps," he said.
Hayes also warned that just because they'll be legal, it won't be easy finding higher pay than what they get in cash in the underground economy.

"Someone that is sweeping a restaruant tonight isn't just going to immediately go out and get a a 15 dollar mechanic position. It's not going to happen. They haven't had the training," he said.
But Leticia said she just wants to work in a bakery legally decorating cakes for a paycheck and adds where she won't have to worry "if [Sheriff Joe] Arpiao is going to come and get us or anything."