3OYS: Gilbert homeowner double billed for garage door repair

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GILBERT, Ariz. -- A Gilbert woman says she paid a $320 repair bill months ago, so why is a debt collector after her to pay again?

No one likes paying twice for something or getting double dipped as 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper sometimes calls it. But that almost happened to a Gilbert woman.

However, the company says it was an honest mistake.

Donna Cox is preparing for a move out of state

"We've purchased a home in Washington," she said.

For Cox, a big part of preparing for the move was selling her Mesa rental property.

"We really didn't have the physical ability to continue renting it and managing it ourselves, so that's why we wanted to get the house fixed up and sold," she explained.

One item Cox had to fix on the rental house was the garage door.

"It needed to have a spring replaced, as I recall," she said.

Cox called Precision Door Service which also goes by the name Precision Garage Door.

They went to Cox's house, and for $320 they put in a new spring, which got the door to open and close like it should.

That repair, keep in mind, was way back in March. But out of the blue, Cox got a bill for that garage door repair.
“We got a collection notice in the mail last Thursday ... and I don't receive collection notices, so I was really surprised," Cox said.

Apparently, Precision Door Service sent her to collections, saying she never paid that $320 repair bill and demanding that she pay up -- again.

She tried telling the company that she already paid back in March, and they questioned her.

"Do you have proof that you paid it? That you paid the bill?" they asked.

Now, remember, Cox is in the middle of moving. Her things are boxed up and disorganized.

Still, Precision Garage Door insisted on seeing a receipt or Cox would have to pay up again.

"This was just like a crazy burden on me to do this, and he said, 'It's not my problem. You have to prove it.' "

Cox says being forced to provide a receipt from seven months ago was asking a lot, and she also wondered if her situation was an isolated one.

So, we contacted the owner of Precision Garage Door, Charagit Gohlwar.

He agreed to sit down and talk with us, but when 3 On Your Side showed up, he and his attorney videotaped us as we asked our questions.
"It's a simple mistake. It's not a scam. I've been here 12 years. I can remember two or three cases," he said.

He explained that Precision Garage Door tried notifying Cox a couple of times before sending her to collections. However, Cox says she never received any inquiries from the business.

Regardless, Gohlwar says he put new software in place to make sure this issue doesn't happen again.
He also says Cox will not have to pay again and has agreed to take her out of collections.
“I apologize for that. As the owner of a business, the last thing I want is to upset a customer," he said.

3 On Your Side thanks Precision Garage Door for resolving the issue and clearing matters up for us.