High school girls donate hair for cancer patients

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A group of high school students got together Tuesday for a good cause. They got their hair cut at a Scottsdale salon, then donated the hair to cancer patients.

For one girl it was especially emotional, because she said this is the first time she's ever gotten a haircut. "I'm excited but kind of nervous," said Melanie Hernandez.

It's taken Hernandez 15 years to get her hair this long. "I don't even want to look in the mirror because I don't want to see my hair falling," she said.

It was almost painful for her to go through the haircut, but she did it for a good cause. "They need it," she said.

Rolfs is cutting her hair to donate it to cancer patients. Through the program "Beautiful Lengths," Pantene and the American Cancer Society provide wigs for people with the disease.

"Such an amazing thing that you're doing," Hernandez’s hair stylist said.

"Thank you," responded Hernandez. "Oh my God, so short. I want to cry seriously."

But those tears are also tears of joy. "I feel good. I am excited. I know that they need this,” she said. "I was ready!”

Hernandez said she got involved in this program thanks to her dance teacher at Washington High School.

"I take about five or ten minutes in class and explain what it is and why it's such a good thing, and the ones who are ready to do it raise their hand," said Kelly Abramovich, Hernandez’s dance teacher.

Hernandez came with eight other girls who wanted to donate to the cause.

"This way, the girls who don't really have hair can feel beautiful again, and have long hair that they want,” said Vanessa Baez, who was also there to donate her hair.

While they donate to the cause, the girls get a fresh new do and their makeup done for the night, all for free. "Oh my God. Thank you...exactly what I wanted,” said Hernandez.  Hernandez donated over a foot of her hair.

To be made into a wig, hair should be at least eight inches long, have no dyes, chemicals or bleach and be no more than five percent gray.

Rolfs said anyone can donate their hair. They just need to call up the salon before their appointment to let them know what they want to do.

You can also donate it on your own.  For instructions on how you can do that, click here.