Travel safety tips

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Thanksgiving is almost here and 40 million travelers will be hitting the road.

Howard J. Fleischmann from Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair wants to make sure you are prepared for a safe drive.

Less stress is imperative while driving:

1. Vehicle in good working order, tires, air pressure, etc.

2. Be prepared for any type of weather.

3. Call 511 for road, airport conditions.

4. Let family know when to expect your arrival.

5. Know your route and gas up early for lower prices.

6. Prepare travel with kids, travel games.

7. Have items ready when traveling with pets.

8. Maybe renting a car is a better choice for your family than to drive an unsafe vehicle.

9. Carry emergency kit for car and basic medical and water.

10. No distractions in car to keep eyes on road.

11. Perfect time for great family conversations.