Mom Squad members share their Bucket Lists!

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From Beth
As far as my family goes, my husband and I would ultimately like to show them as much of the world through travel as we possibly can. We would love to see them get far in their individual educations so that they can do what they love for the rest of their lives.

Truthfully, though, I don’t really believe in bucket lists. I have always strived to live presently and spontaneously and all I can hope is that I hold onto that way of living for as long as I can! I believe that we each get one shot at this life and we should live each day to the fullest!

I’m currently watching my son’s cough and cold this morning since he was up from about 3am to 6am feeling pretty crummy. I’m hoping he feels better when he wakes up and I can get down there in time.

From Marti
I am very fortunate****   I have many that I have checked off from the family list but the top three:
  1.  A few years ago we took a family vacation to a resort  three hours south of Calgary, CA and our first son met the Activities Director, married her a year later and now have three wonderful boys and we love her.
  2. Two years ago for our 50th wedding anniversary we took the family on the three day cruise out of Long Beach.  What a successful time.  One of our sons won the "hairiest man" award.  His two brothers decided NOT to enter because it would have been a really close call????
  3. The last thing before Mitch passed away that we were able to do as a family that had been WAY up there on the list was a Sleigh Ride.  We did that last Christmas south of Flagstaff.  A fabulous time just like we hoped it would be and another Christmas card moment .
 There were of course more, BUT these really were on the top on the family list.
 As for me I don't call mine a Bucket List.  I call it a "Bling List".  I think it sounds much more feminine!!!!! 

I have done quite a few from my list and I am still working on it. Most of list has been for travel
I hiked the Himalayas, been to Macho Picho, the Galapogos, China and Europe a few times.
I am hoping to get to Petra in Jordon, Turkey and take the train across Mongolia.  
I needed to graduate from Arizona State - I graduated May of 2004 and went on Medicare in June -  I DID IT!!!!!
If there is one at the bottom of the list because I just have a difficult time with it is "losing weight", maybe someday????
 Now on the top of my list is the Peace Corp.  I have always wanted to do this, but never quite had the chance. -  I have applied and waiting to hear if I qualify.

From Hilary
What is top on your bucket list to do as a family and why?
1. Learn to serf as a family
2. Go on a family cruise
3. Go on a road trip and visit all the national
What about your personal bucket list?
1. Become an ordained minister and officiate a wedding.
2. Write two books one being a children's book
3. Join a roller derby team
These are not necessarily my top three but they are probably my three favorite :)