Parking prices in Phoenix on the rise

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- You'd better bring your credit card or loose change if you plan to use a parking meter in downtown Phoenix. The main complaint drivers are telling 3TV is that it's just too expensive so they've decided to ditch the meter and park in flat rate lots.

It's a growing attitude on the streets as the city's meter rate hike is stirring somewhat of a backlash from drivers.

"It's expensive, I put two dollars for one hour twenty minutes, it's expensive," said driver Arselia Bereceda. She wasn't expecting to pay on a holiday either. That's the norm now along with having to feed the meter up until 10 p.m. And on the weekends.

The increased rates range anywhere from 50 cents to $4 an hour. "That seems a bit steep for an hour considering minimum wage isn't even twice that, really," said Josh Cecchinelli. Many argue the price to park is outrageous, but city leaders hope it'll serve two purposes.

The city is hoping the rate hikes will help fix a budget deficit and hopefully reduce traffic flow by encouraging people to take mass transit, bike even walk here.
The rates are demand based and the city says it will charge more for major events.