3OYS: Cruise ships and cell phones may not mix

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. -- A Mesa family thought they did everything right when it came to taking a cruise. But one little hiccup almost cost them a lot of money.

Jorge Caviedes loves sightseeing with his family.

"We have two daughters and we enjoy traveling around the world, cruising is one of our preferences, we love traveling definitely," he say.

The family's latest venture, a cruise!

"For the first time we decided to cruise to Alaska, it seemed like an interesting proposition being from Arizona, so we went to Alaska in August, mid-August."

Since they would be in the Pacific and away from normal cell phone reception, Jorge says his entire family realized they had to turn off any data usage on their phones.

"But we were clear, don't use the internet, don't use anything and basically don't use the phone you know you may take pictures but that's about it."

Jorge and his family had a blast on the cruise until they came home and Jorge received his cell phone bill and it was sticker shock.

"Our monthly bill is around $170 right around there, but there were charges for over $700."

$700, and it was all in roaming fees. Turns out, Jorge's entire family turned off their data usage but one the phones continued to roam and look for a signal while their ship was cruising the ocean.

Jorge says he tried explaining the issue to AT&T. "Their response was, it's basically your fault, and there's nothing we can do."

So, Jorge contacted 3 On Your Side.

"It's horrible and I find it incredible that you fall in to these kinds of traps."

3 On Your Side contacted AT&T which immediately looked into the matter and you know what, the company eliminated and waived almost the entire amount in fees.

Jorge credits 3 On Your Side.

"Delighted, I think you do great service for the community, this is what things should be like when somebody doesn't know where to go."

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