Arpaio gets training as part of profiling case

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX (AP) -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio underwent training Saturday that a judge ordered as part of a racial profiling case against the sheriff's office.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow ordered Arpaio to attend training sessions that his officers must complete to correct constitutional flaws in the agency's approach to traffic stops.

Snow made the ruling after he questioned whether Arpaio's comments about a 2008 immigration patrol in Guadalupe were weakening efforts to correct constitutional flaws in the agency's approach.

Asked to comment about a community meeting in Guadalupe, Arpaio told The Associated Press he had no regrets about the patrol and would do it all over again.

More than a year ago, Snow ruled Arpaio's office had racially profiled Latinos in its patrols.

Arpaio has appealed the decision.

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