Scott Pasmore test-drives electric Harley-Davidson

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle is getting ready to hit the road, but not for a few more years.

It's a concept prototype, and won't be available until 2017. But on Thursday's Good Morning Arizona, Scott Pasmore not only got a sneak peek at it, he got a chance to drive the electric bike.

"I've ridden a lot of motorcycles in my life," says Pasmore. "It's probably the quickest bike I've ever ridden. It's just amazing to ride that."

The folks at Arrowhead Harley say these bikes will most likely retail for $20,000. The bikes offer a smooth, quiet ride, and they run completely on batteries.

"There's a lot of interest in electric vehicles these days," says Steve Piehl with Harley-Davidson. "This is our chance to kind of test the market, let people ride our electric motorcycle, give us feedback."

Harley-Davidson's Project LiveWire will allow folks to test out the motorcycles. It's a cross-country event, and this weekend is rolling into the Arrowhead Harley-Davidson.

While the bike is not yet for sale, Project LiveWire is specifically designed for the purpose of getting insight into rider expectations of an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

We asked what people have to say so far about the electric bike. "They get on this one and they love it," says Piehl. "They love the handling, they love the acceleration, and they love the sound. It's quiet when you start out. When you get up to 30, 40, it kind of has a jet engine sound."

Even those who don't yet ride will have the opportunity to feel the power of Project LiveWire through Jumpstart - a simulated riding experience.

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