Trial set for Phoenix woman accused of leaving kids in car

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Shanesha Taylor By Christina O'Haver Shanesha Taylor By Christina O'Haver
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman accused of leaving her children in a hot car while she went on a job interview is scheduled for a Dec. 10 trial after she failed to meet a key condition of a deal that would have allowed charges against her to be dismissed.

Shanesha Taylor missed a Thursday deadline for putting $40,000 into trust funds to benefit her children.

"My understanding is that I had until Nov. 15, I agreed to Nov. 15," she told the judge.

Taylor said she needed that time because she can only transfer $20,000 a month from the bank account with the money.

The child abuse charges would have been dismissed if Taylor had funded the trusts and fulfilled other requirements.

The original deal required Taylor to put $60,000 in trust funds for her three children. After a hearing in October, prosecutors agreed to reduce the dollar amounts to $10,000 in education trust funds for each child for a total of $30,000 and an additional $10,000 for child care is also to be set aside.

"The trust details weren't beneficial to the children, which was my concern," she said after the hearing. "My concern is it would lock them out of their money if they chose not to go to college."

People donated $114,000 to Taylor after seeing her teary mug shot when she was arrested March 20 after leaving her two young sons in her car for about 45 minutes while she interviewed for a job in Scottsdale.

Taylor said she has $72,000 left and has prepaid a year's worth of rent and day care.

"I'm just trying my best," she said. "I'm not this terrible person that they keep making me out to be. I'm not someone who tries to live off the gratitude of someone else. I'm not someone who is wasting money, who is doing frivolous things."

In October, she told a judge that she was concerned about funding the $60,000 trust funds because she still hasn't found a job to support her children and may need the money.

Taylor said she has completed the substance abuse classes and the parenting classes that were also required in the plea agreement.

Taylor's attorney, Benjamin Taylor, has asked to withdraw as her attorney.

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