Camelback Flower Shop and Pith + Marrow

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Modern Luxury Scottsdale magazine’s editor-in-chief, Marie Look, and Teresa Wilson, owner of Camelback Flowershop, discuss how easy it is to create fall floral arrangements at home using a container, a craft knife or florist’s scissors, and floral foam that has been cut to fit the container. Wilson says it’s fun to incorporate really rich hues, like deep reds, purples and oranges, into fall floral arrangements to reflect the bold colors of the season, and she shows how to pair dramatically colored rose hips and dahlias with light pink peonies and lavender thistle for big visual impact. To make the arrangement extra seasonal, Wilson demonstrates how you can incorporate white branches or even small pumpkins. To add pumpkins to your floral arrangement, just make a small cut into the bottom of the pumpkin and then place it on a floral stick, or even a branch for a more rustic look. With two friends, Wilson also hosts floral workshops under the name Pith + Marrow. Everyone who attends Pith + Marrow’s floral workshops gets to socialize, enjoy food and drinks, learn something about floral arranging, and take home a few surprise gifts in addition to the creations they make during the workshop. After 13 years, Wilson has moved her Camelback Flowershop into a new location near the intersection of East Indian School Road and 40th Street. The brand-new space is much larger than the former shop and will be able to offer more ready-made floral arrangements that can be bought or delivered the same day.