ISIS Flag found on local campaign sign

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

AVONDALE, Ariz. -- A Republican candidate for Arizona House of Representatives said someone plastered a Middle East militant insignia on one of her campaign signs. A black and white flag found on her sign is the symbol of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria -- known as ISIS.

Sophia Johnson, candidate for Legislative District 19 in Avondale, said Avondale police called her last Friday to let her know about the vandalism.  She told 3TV that police have already sent the flag to the FBI for further investigation.

According to Johnson, the race for LD 19 has been entirely local in focus and she hasn’t discussed ISIS at all.

“It was on Friday so it could have been kids for Halloween or a copycat.  But either way, I think we have to be vigilant and careful and cautious but not to live in fear.  I'm totally confident and comfortable continuing to run my campaign,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she does not plan to alter her Election Day campaign plans.

Arizona statute (ARS 16-1019) makes it a class two misdemeanor to tamper with any campaign sign beginning 45 days leading up to the primary election through seven days after the general election.