Men caught on camera stealing Aunt Chilada's chef's purse

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The chef at Aunt Chilada's Squaw Peak had her purse stolen out of her own restaurant on Sunday. But the crime was caught on camera!

"See, he's looking at my purse right there, waiting. There's probably somebody in the bar. Now he's pacing," Tiffany Allison said.

Chef Tiffany Allison gave 3TV the play-by-play of the crime, which was caught on the business' security cameras. "There he goes, he just took it," she said. What he took was her purse.

It happened on Sunday in the middle of the day, as Tiffany and her family were getting ready to have their picture taken.

"We get everything lined up, and we were literally 30 feet away," she said.

Aunt Chilada's security cameras did their job, though, capturing clean shots of the two men in question. The video has been handed over to police.

"They were here looking for trouble. They'd never been here before, they paid cash for their beer and they were just like poking around looking for something," said Tiffany.

This family-owned-and-operated restaurant is not just leaving this up to police, however.

Monday, the family had fliers printed up, announcing a reward for information leading to the arrest of the men on the surveillance video.

"We're angry, we're mad, and we're offering a $1,000 reward, cash, to anybody that can get us a name," Tiffany said.

Aside from being angry, the whole thing has Tiffany anxious as well.

"He got my license, he got my car keys, I have two little kids under two both sleeping in cribs at night. You know, my husband literally slept on the couch with a gun last night," she said.

But Tiffany says catching the thieves isn't just about getting some peace of mind, it's about sending a message too: If you steal from her family's business, expect to get busted.

"We don't want anybody of that caliber or like that ever coming around this restaurant again and we want to set an example," said Tiffany.

Anyone with information can contact Aunt Chilada's at (602) 944-1286 or the non-emergency line at Phoenix Police (602) 262-6151.