ASU officer honored for saving student's life

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A Valley police officer is being honored for helping save a life. The officer is with the ASU campus police. And when a student went down, he stepped-up.

ASU student Joseph Florio spent nine days at Phoenix Children's Hospital after his heart went into fatal arrhythmia. Doctors say he would have died had it not been for ASU officer Jarrod Dacquisto. It was an emotional meeting between the two on Monday.

Their paths crossed in mid-October at a campus volleyball court. One minute Florio was rallying with friends; the next, his heart stopped. Dacquisto was armed with a portable defibrillator machine in his cruiser and knew exactly what to do. "I arrived on scene and did my first checks. He wasn't breathing he had no pulse. I was concerned," he said. "It was unreal when he started to breathe His breath wasn't great but I was like, okay, let's go to the next step."

Florio was rushed to the hospital where he would spend more than a week recovering. His cardiologist Dr. Mitch Cohen says Florio was born with an abnormal heart and clearly exerted himself that day.

Florio is on the road to recovery, and will continue studying bio-medical engineering at ASU. He says he wanted to take this opportunity to thank the man who saved his life. "I'm very thankful for what he does daily and what he did for me personally," said Florio of Dacquisto.