3OYS: Families claim United Portraits not so 'picture perfect'

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PEORIA, Ariz. -- A Peoria man says he paid to have professional pictures taken of his son's baseball team. But he says he never got those photographs.

Those photographs were taken way back in July, so you wouldn't think it would take months to get the pictures back.

But that's exactly the problem, and the photography studio isn't saying why.

Jayson Lewandowski grew up playing sports and now loves watching his seven-year-old stepson, Jack, play too.

"Just being there watching him play and watching him get better each season is exciting and fun for me," says Jayson.

And every season they cherish the memories through photographs. So when it came time for Jack's most recent baseball season, Jayson decided to order a few photography packages of team pictures to add to the collection.

"Just nice to have," he says. "Something that Jack can look at when he's older."

After paying for the pictures, Jayson waited for them to be developed and mailed to him. But that was back in July, and he says months dragged on.

Frustrated, he called the company, United Portraits, to figure out why it was taking so long.

"I keep getting the same story, and no one has a good answer for me. It's just kind of back of forth from when they shipped and when I’m getting them; it's getting old."

Jayson and other parents still haven't received their photographs and asked 3 On Your Side for help.

We contacted United Portraits, but they never explained why it was taking so long or why so many parents like Jayson never received their photographs.

So, we went to the company's address, which turned out to be nothing more than a place where they pick up mail.

State records indicate owner of United Portraits lived in Gilbert so we went to his home.

But after several visits, no one ever came to the door.

However, after our involvement and numerous inquiries, Jayson says United Portraits finally sent him his pictures.

It's a good thing, because Jayson says he doesn't want to blow money and get nothing. "I didn't pay a fortune for these pictures, but it's the principle for me," he says.

Again, no word from United Portraits on what caused the delay, but we do know there are still many other families who claim they haven't received their photos either.