Possible PTSD cure, app stalking among new topics on 'The Doctors'

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

PHOENIX -- Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Jennifer Ashton from "The Doctors" gave viewers the scoop on what new topics will be discussed on their show in November.

The show will be highlighting new technology, including a new pill aimed to help those with PTSD.

Stellate ganglion blockers can help improve PTSD by numbing the sympathetic nerve fibers.

"Within 30 minutes some people are finding relief, and this could revolutionize treatment," Stork explained. "It's still in clinical trials but this is the kind of stuff we love to highlight because it does give hope for some people."

The new pill currently has a 72 to 75% success rate, according to Walter Reed Hospital.

The goal of "The Doctors" is to cover innovative and new approaches to problems while explaining to viewers how to think like a doctor.

"You have to consider the risks, the benefits, and the options and alternatives," Ashton said.

Another topic the doctors will be discussing this month is how parents should handle social media and cell phones with their children.

Kids are getting cell phones at a younger and younger age on average.

With social media apps and GPS trackers, children are more vulnerable to online predators.

"In a lot of cases, parents don't even know how to look for this stuff," Stork said.

FBI officials are also warning people about "virtual kidnapping." Scammers try to claim money for supposedly kidnapping loved ones.

"The fewer apps you download, the fewer social media channels you use, the more you can control it," Stork said.

Upcoming show topics:

  • Nov. 5: Cure for PTSD/ Diabetes Awareness Month
  • Nov. 6: Snooping Parents
  • Nov. 7: App Stalking
  • Nov. 12: Virtual Kidnapping

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