Teen accused of threatening students at Prescott Valley school

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PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. -- A 15-year-old boy is accused of threatening fellow students at a Prescott Valley school.

The principal at the Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center Charter School told police Thursday that the sophomore had been making threatening and disturbing statements to other students.

Cmdr. Art Askew with the Prescott Valley Police Department said several students reported that the teen had made statements about killing other students along with some other disturbing statements that made them very fearful of him.

It also was reported that the 15-year-old was engaging in stalking-like behavior toward other students.

Police contacted the student and his parent. The boy admitted that he had made those statements but said that he didn't really mean them. He told the officers that he sometimes hears voices that "suggest" things for him to do.

Police determined that the student would be sent for a psychological evaluation. He also was referred to the juvenile courts for a felony charge of interfering with or disrupting an educational institution.

Askew said the school will be taking its own action in this case.

"This is another example of the importance of coming forward and notifying the authorities whenever you become aware of any potential threat or problem at our schools," Askew said in a press release. "Because the school administration and the police were able to intervene early, the student was not able to carry out any of his threats and he is now receiving treatment."