Dad Squad: Parenting Now vs. Your Parents Era

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From Alex:

Q : What do you think some of the major differences in parenting rules are now compared to when you were growing up? 

A: Because of technology we keep a tighter leach on our kids but yet we don't let them grow up on their own independently.. when we were young we left the house for school and did not see our parents until they came home after work.. we were on our own to come home, eat do home work and play and there were no cell phones to call and check in, when we heard dad whistle we knew come home or the street light came on and we went home.

We walked to the store or rode our bike and got groceries.. and had to actually go outside and cut the grass wash windows or look in the alleys for pop bottles if we wanted money!! 

We were never allowed in our parents bedroom.. kids were not involved in adult conversations and our parents gave permission to the school and other parents the right to discipline us.. That's all changed.. could you imagine what would happen now if someone else disciplined your child..we used to teach our children to never question authority of teachers police and other adults..

A very different world now.. or is it?

From Beef Vegan: 

The major difference is the trust and freedom we had as kids. When I was young I was walking to school, coming home when my parents were at work, and going out to play until the street lights came on.

There is a fear and lack of trust in our community, to where most parents don't feel like it's safe for their kids to be able to be out unsupervised.