Disinfectant used in battle against Ebola

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Concerns about the spread of Ebola continue to grow, first with news last week that a doctor in New York had the disease and now the battle over whether a nurse who treated Ebola patients should remain in quarantine.

And while lots of questions remain about the best protocol, one company has a new product that is being used to put some concerns to rest.

“With the latest issues with Ebola, Texas Presbyterian, which actually housed the first victim from Ebola who came into the country, was decontaminated with Steriplex,” said Mahesh Mansukhani.

He is CEO of sBioMed, which makes Steriplex. It was used as a disinfectant at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Thomas Duncan was treated and later died.

Additionally, Mansukhani said, “Frontier Airlines, in their decontamination of the plane that carried one of the nurses who got Ebola, they also decontaminated their plane with Steriplex.“

Mansukhani says he does understand people's concerns, and he wants this product to address some of those.

“What we know for sure is that it is a nonenveloped virus, in the same category and not dissimilar to polio or norovirus," Mansukhani explained. "These kinds of pathogens are actually very easy to kill outside of the body.”

What makes his product different, he says, is not only is it effective against pathogens like Ebola but it does not have some of the same drawbacks as other disinfectants.

“The product really can be used without any protective apparel, no eye mask or no eye goggles, no gloves,” Mansukhani said.

In fact, while Mansukhani does not recommend it, the disinfectant can actually be ingested with no problems.

Without giving away too much, he says the secret is silver.

“It has been known for hundreds, thousands of years as an antimicrobial,” Mansukhani said.

It is only certified for hard, nonporous surfaces. The EPA is still looking at how to deal with soft surfaces.

And while Ebola remains an extremely dangerous disease for those who get it, Mansukhani says his product can remove some of the danger and hopefully the fear of that happening.

“So we have 300 hospitals now using it or trialing it, and we have now been getting a lot of interest from other areas as well," he said.

Steriplex comes in wipes and sprays for both large and home applications. For more information on Steriplex or to buy it, you can visit steriplex.com or buysteriplex.com.

Mansukhani says the product is also effective against MRSA and other pathogens that can cause complications in hospitals, health clubs and retirement communities.