Should wheat be in our diet?

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

Carbs are commonly associated with weight gain, but cardiologist Doctor William Davis shared what carbs do to the rest of our body -- including wheat.

According to author of "Wheat Belly Total Health", Doctor Davis said grains are directly associated with a lot of health issues and diseases including belly fat, Cataracts, and more.

"Wheat is the seed of a grass and humans have a hard time eating grass," Davis said. "Wheat is not all that different from rye, barley, corn, oats. As a class of food we made a big blunder by incorporating these things in."

Eliminating grains will lead to new levels of energy, mental clarity, a better mood, better metabolic health, and more according to Davis.

"It's an enormous mistake that we were told that the base of our diet, the largest part, should be grain," Davis said. "It's in almost all processed food."

He claims it takes only five to seven days to go through withdrawal when cutting these items out of your diet.

"Go back to real single ingredient foods," Davis said. "Avocados are safe, vegetables are safe, meats are safe."

Doctor William Davis practices preventive cardiology in Wisconsin and is author of health books known for his argument against "modern wheat".

His book "Wheat Belly Total Health" became a New York Times bestseller in 2011.

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