Mom Squad: Relatability with Your Kids about Pop Culture

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From Suzy:

Music is a big thing in our household. There is NEVER a moment where someone isn't listening to it whether it's in the car, getting ready in the morning before school or even in their rooms. But, the problem, we all like different types. Some of the music my older kids listen to, I have never heard of and quite honestly when I listen, there's times I just smile and say, what are u listening too and why? Hahahaa. But, in all honesty, I do try and keep up on their music. One reason being, I'm just interested whether it be for maybe craving a new song to listen to or just to see the newer stuff out there. My oldest is really into Indy rock and pop punk, unfortunately, not my style. But,, I still listen. Sometimes there may be something I connect with her on. Take for example, Lana Del Ray. My daughter knows most of this music way before it even hits the radio. Same with Arctic Monkeys and 1975. When I heard that, I was like...who is that? She showed me and I was like, oh, ok. Now my son, totally different. He likes alternative but, also groups like Avenge Sevenfold. He's also surprised me with his Frank Sinatra. He'll be like,do u know this song? And I'm telling him, of course! But, when he puts on Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and older music, I'm like, keep that on! I love Those groups! That's stuff I grew up on. Now to the littlest ones of the bunch. Well, let's just say, One Direction, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. I have to admit, the songs are We blast it and sing a little "Frozen", who doesn't and of course "Shake it off". 

To me, music is life. I live & breathe music & I'm so glad my kids do too! Good resources for parents can be to go on for the smaller ones, Radio Disney. That has all the latest songs. But, my favorite is, Pandora. It's on 24/7. And what I love is that you can Type in one band name or singer and it will play everything similar to that genre. You can also type in things like, "Today's Hits" It's a great up to,date resource! Another one is "Spotify" and "google Play". Magazines, a definitely good go to for the older kids would be "rolling Stone". 

Keeping up can definitely be work because it's always changing and there's so many types, but it's always worth it. It's therapeutic, calming and to some kids, gets them through daily life. Take the Time to connect with your kids. It may not always be your thing but, just showing interest can surprise you. You may find something you didn't even know you liked and make a new connection with your child/children. Especially when they don't care for R&B

From Krissy: 

We want to know what our kids are into and what they are talking about…but being in the know takes work!  

It DOES take work. But mostly it just takes energy and the intention to pay attention and stay in touch. Do you watch the shows your kids watch? Do you curate and recommend shows they might like that fit with your ideas of what is appropriate and teaches good values. It also takes time and effort to talk through what you learned afterwards. My kids love Ninja Turtles and we take the opportunity to discuss the turtles character strengths and flaws, we talk about the choices they make and what they could do differently. 

How do you keep informed about what’s popular with your kids?  

The kids will teach you whats popular, you just have to pay attention, stay curious and ask questions. We don't have traditional cable. So whatever the kids watch, they have to seek it out or the various services we use recommend shows to them based on what they have already watched.  Zoe started watching a show called "Jesse" based on Netflix recommendation, I watched an episode with her, asked her some questions, and even though this was a disney channel program, I told her I didnt want her to watch it because it was essentially about a whole bunch of kids with no parental figure and, therefore, they treat all adults in the world of the show very poorly. 

I dont love the show Good Luck, Charlie. BUT, I talked to Zoe and Rocket about why they think the parents make the choices they do, etc.

I also go out of my way to show them the PG & PG-13 comedies of the 80s and early 90s, Rockets favorite movies are Ghostbusters and 3 Amigos.

What are some good resources…websites, magazines, radio…that might help other parents?

I get entertainment weekly and TV guide to stay on top of trends and new things coming out. Other than that, I keep my own counsel more or less because I let my kids take in a very wide range of entertainment.