Woman who started YouCaring page for Shanesha Taylor speaks out

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX-- The woman who started the fund-raising page for "Shanesha Taylor" is now speaking out.

"Like everybody else, I saw the mug shot. It really touched me, as it has for people all over the world," said Amanda Bishop.

That's what Bishop told 3TV in March of this year via Skype. Bishop is the woman who tried to help and started the YouCaring page for Shanesha Taylor. Taylor is the Phoenix mother accused of leaving her children in a hot car while she went on a job interview.

"All I saw were posts about her children, how much she loved her children, pictures of her children, so that kind of convinced me that I didn't think she was a bad mother," said Bishop in March.

The two women had never met and Bishop watched as the money poured in to the tune of more than $100,000.

Now Bishop is taking to her Facebook to respond to new Taylor's trust trouble.

In a Facebook update posted on Monday, October 27, 2014 Bishop said the following:

"I've been torn for a few weeks now as to what to say to the people who've asked me questions about Shanesha, her choices, my opinions of it, whether or not to talk to the media, the threats of a lawsuit, and so on.

I've overall decided just not to put my opinion out there and to not speak directly to the media. Instead, I'll do as I have tried to do since March when I created Shanesha's fundraiser and that's to tell you the facts and what I've been told.

I do not know why Shanesha isn't putting the money in the trusts. I've been told the same that the media has; that some of the money has been spent on legal fees, caring for the children, the home they are living in, clothes, and that she is worried if she puts money in the trusts, without a job, they will not be able to live off what is left.

Now for the negative inquiries;

I do not know why Shanesha appears to be wearing as some of you have said "MK purses", etc. That is not my business nor my place to say. As I know she could have received gifts, could have had it prior, gone on a shopping spree, I have NO idea lol.

As for her saying she can't get a job because of the negative media, throughout the fundraiser I did receive job offers and forwarded them to her. I do not know if she followed up on them.

The accusations of her not being a single mother; Her and the father of her two youngest are back together. He does not work.

Some of you will say I don't owe anyone an explanation or have to speak on it, and yes that is true. However, I think you deserve to know what I know as I started this whole thing. I've received nothing but love and compassion from Shanesha followers. Some of you have even become family! Some even reaching out to help me in hardships! So it is owed, it is all owed to you guys my honesty and facts.