Skyline invites Ellen DeGeneres; stays hopeful

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

MESA, Ariz. -- Skyline High School waited with hope for the presence of Ellen DeGeneres Friday morning during their pep assembly.

While Ellen did not show up, the Hollywood-themed Homecoming assembly was full of energy.

"We're just excited, Ellen or no Ellen, we say we're a family and we've had a lot of fun doing it anyways," Ryan Gurr, Skyline student body president, said. "We've all been hoping and praying and tweeting."

The school sent thousands of tweets over the past couple weeks to Ellen and her producers in hopes that she would appear at their school assembly Friday morning.

"If she walked in we'd probably just hand the mic over to her and it'd be her show, but we know she can do that because she's Ellen," Gurr said.

Gurr just wants Ellen to know that 'Skyline loves Ellen' and even though she did not show up, Gurr thinks, "this is the best assembly we've ever had. It's been so fun."