Your Life A to Z Recipe: Wednesday, October 29th, 2014: Kimchi and Vegetable Dashi

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1cs Napa Cabbage

1bag Green Onion Tops (1inch pieces)

1bag Green Onion (white minced)

2cp Fish Sauce

1cp Chili Flake

2cs Daikon (julienne)

2cp Garlic (minced)

1cp Ginger (minced)

2cp House Sriracha

1/4cp Salt


1.  Cut Cabbage down to 1inch pieces 

2.  Soak Cabbage in salt water for 45min. 4cp Salt to 12qt water make sure 3. salt is fully dissolved

4.  Mix all ingredients and let sit out overnight 

5.  Adjust seasoning next day

Vegetable Dashi


1 small sheet Kombu

¼ cup Coriander

1 cup Garlic, smashed

1 cup Ginger, peeled & smashed

4 stalks Celery, rough chopped

3 Carrots, peeled & rough chopped

1 Onion, rough chopped

2 Lemongrass, split & smashed

3 Bay Leaves

8 qt Water

½ c Soy Sauce


Bring all ingredients, except soy to a boil. Simmer for 30 mins. Strain & add soy.