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As far as I’m concerned there are not enough days in the month of October to check out all the fun events.  Some I do every year but I am always searching out new and different ways to have Halloween themed fun.  Here are my picks for fun that is yet to come before the month is over.

ZOMBIE WALK 6:  Better than being on Walking with the Dead!

I did this 3 years ago when the City of Phoenix was in its second year of the event.  The planners expected 3 or 4 hundred.   They got 2,000 and yours truly was a bone gnawing, wide –eyed, leg dragger.  It was a blast!  But what floored me as much as the number of folks totally committed to making the staggering walk around Downtown Phoenix, was the number of complete families costumed as zombies!  Whether you come to walk or watch, everyone will have a blast at Heritage Square for activities that range from food to films.  And the best part, it’s FREE!  For more info check out:

NOSFERATO:  Symphony in Horror!

Okay, in the interest of full disclose, I have not yet tried this.  But I have seen Nosferato many times and it is always nightmarishly chilling!  The 1922 film is the first celluloid portrayal of a vampyre.  The silent film has severe shadows, forced perspective and the creepiest Count you will ever see.  The opportunity to view this film on a big screen with a symphony orchestra accompanying it sounds like something so divine, I can’t wait to see it!  This is the second year for this event.  For tickets and more info check out:

THE 13TH FLOOR:  The best haunted house experience in town!

The 13th Floor has been around for 3 years and I have gone every year since the beginning.  I have never been disappointed and love that they update and add to the house each year.  Not content to rely on endless chain saws, The 13th Floor incorporates elaborate sets, dramatic lighting and special effects and mind bending full immersion experiences as you navigate a labyrinth of horror.  The house boasts an extremely large cast so there is no escaping having someone on top of you every few feet.  But take my advice, no haunted house experience can live up to the hype after you’ve waited 3 hours and travel in a pack through out the house.  My advice is to arrive an hour before opening on off days (don’t even think about Saturday or Sunday!), and next year consider going in September.  Trust me, your adventure will be completely different if you can enjoy it with just your friends and not with a crowd.  For tickets and more info check out: