The New Halloween Classics

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The ‘New’ Halloween Classics

Halloween or not, I love a good scary movie!  The following movies are films so outstanding in their genre that I would qualify them as movie that would be fun to see again and again.  From drama to sci-fi to animation there is something for all tastes and ages on my ‘New’ Halloween Classics list!


THE CONJURING:  Real life haunted house chills!

Based on one of the many cases real life paranormal experts Ed and Loraine Warren investigated, The Conjuring is a first class haunted house movie that doesn’t have to rely on cheap special effects to scare the beejezus our of you!  So scary, I recommend it only for mature teens and adults.

“The Conjuring” captures 3&1/2 Red Vines for being scary fun!


THE SIGNAL:  A truly disturbing sci-fi mystery, thriller!

A road trip goes horribly wrong when three MIT students decide to track down a mysterious hacker by following a signal.  But instead of getting retribution they are kidnapped. But by whom?  Aliens?  The government?  It really doesn’t matter, it’s not going to be pretty for these kids.  But it will be for you with stunning visuals.

“The Signal” captures 3&1/2 Red Vines for being a stylish, creepy thriller

THE BOOK OF LIFE:  Move over Nightmare Before Halloween!

Just because this movie is a new release, doesn’t mean it can’t be an instant classic because this animated ball of fun is a true Halloween classic in every sense of the word.  Based on the Mexican holiday to honor the dead, Dia de los Muertos, with a liberal dose of Greek Mythology and Shakespeare, this Disney movie is a perfect new Halloween tradition for the whole family.  (See my full review for more details!)

“The Book of Life” pens 4 Red Vines for being a new Halloween classic!