Celebrity Wear for a Halloween Affair

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"Celebrity Wear for a Halloween Affair"

By Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista

Twitter: @lexasal

Halloween is a great time to have some fun with your wardrobe and to step outside of the box. We’ve seen the witch costumes and the superhero costumes many times before, so today we’re talking about some unique celebrity-inspired costumes that you can wear to a fun costume party, I call it “Celebrity Wear for a Halloween Affair.”

1. A very popular singer with an eccentric style inspires our first look. Her songs top all the charts when they come out and she loves to take risks when it comes to fashion. It’s superstar Katy Perry! This specific look is inspired by one of the many outfits she has worn during her concert tour this year, The Prismatic World Tour. I love this playful, metallic silver skirt. The neon lights around the skirt and the crop top are perfect for Halloween because you’ll glow in the dark! I’ve added some neon glow sticks to brighten up the look, which you can buy at any party store. I found a similar silver skirt from Nordstrom and these sparkly Steve Madden heels are from Dillard’s. With any Halloween costume, it’s the details that really make things pop! To put the finishing touches on the look, make sure to add a magenta lip, colored clip in extensions, white lace gloves and a microphone prop. 

2. Another singer inspires our second look. She is a new judge on the popular singing competition show, The Voice. She is known for her funky style, bleach blond locks and bold red lips. It’s Gwen Stefani! She graced the cover of Vogue last year wearing this really bold and stylish outfit that is perfect for Halloween and for fall. Starting with the chic, floppy hat—you can find these almost anywhere now. To spruce up the white-collared top, add the sparkly gold jacket (on sale at Nordstrom). Instead of the exaggerated bow around the neck, I switched it out for a really cool, sparkly piece that resembles a tie (can be found at stores that carry costume jewelry). Throw on a pair of black leggings and gold sparkly pumps to finish off the look, but don’t forget the iconic red lips!

3. Another artist inspires our third look. He had an explosive hit song from the 90’s that a lot of us should know. Think really big, baggy pants. It’s MC Hammer! During his “U Can’t Touch This” music video, he is rocking these extremely large “hammer” pants, inspired by the harem pant, in a variety of flashy colors. Hence the sparkly gold-colored blouse which I found from Marshalls, with these chic harem pants from Macy’s. He also rocks a pair of shiny black sneakers in the video, so I had to add the sneaker wedges!