Chandler company makes bats for MLB players

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- As World Series fever heats up, a local company is taking a swing at its own version of baseball fame.

The Zinger Bat Company makes the bats that several of the Kansas City Royals are using. And the company goes the extra mile to give the players exactly what they want and need.

You'll remember, the Royals did what no other team had ever done: winning eight straight playoff games to get to the World Series for the first time in 29 years.

Leading the way were first baseman Eric Hosmer and third base star Mike Moustakas. Turns out, the bats they use are made right here in the Valley.

At Zinger Bats in Chandler, a lathe turns out bats every couple of minutes. What's different about this young company is that it's all about baseball players making bats for other players!

"We have the best materials you can possibly get," says Scott Hanish, owner of Zinger Bats. "We have the best technology you can possibly get. But we have baseball players making those bats so they can take it off when it's completely done and feel it and know if it feels right, sounds right to them."

Zinger Bats also makes bats for celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Garth Brooks and Jimmy Fallon.

So how are these bats made? After the wood is cut into bat form and weighed, it's sanded on a big machine, and weighed again. Then the bat is meticulously painted and personalized. Finally, the bat is wiped down, and is ready for shipment.

Bats are big business. Some players might go through 175 in a single season. But the folks at Zinger say there are advantages to being a smaller company. "A lot of bigger companies don't have time to make some of the small adjustments that we can," he says. "So it's that personal attention."

Zinger also makes high quality bats for kids and players on any level.

The Zinger Bat Company
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