BluTech lenses protect against blue light

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PEORIA, Ariz. -- They could be the safety glasses of the 21st century.

lenses promise to protect your eyes from blue light that's emitted from your phones, computers and tablets.

Seven-year-old Marco Pannozzo and his 5-year-old sister, Gianna, wear BluTech glasses.

Marco said playing on his iPad made his eyes tired and irritated.

"Sometimes I felt dizzy after I used it for more than 10 minutes and my head hurt," Marco said.

"As a parent, we worry about that," said Marco's father, Paul Pannozzo. "There's a lot of computer time and iPad time now, so yeah, we want to do the right thing to protect his eyes."

The kids' optometrist, Dr. Gary Morgan, suggested they try BluTech lenses, which he himself wears.

"When we talk about this blue light exposure, it's cumulative over a lifetime, so these children today are probably at our greatest risk because they have this much longer-term exposure to blue light than we had when we were growing up," Morgan said.

He says blue light could lead to blindness, headaches and poor sleep.

"What I love about BluTech is the premise behind the product is derived from nature, so it's a natural solution to a modern, technical challenge that we're facing," said Alan Burt of BluTech.

The lenses work much like the eye does. The human eye produces a protective pigment by age 40 that isn't complete until 80. BluTech protects the eye now.

For Gianna and Marco, the lenses seem to be working.

"They don't get as tired as they used to," Gianna said of her eyes.

"It was a big difference after I had these on," Marco agreed. "I didn't feel dizzy and my head didn't hurt after I used them. They really helped me."

The lenses cost about $100.

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