3OYS: Man says Southwest Airlines 'double-dipped' him

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- When you get charged twice for something, you get "double-dipped." And in many cases, double-dipping is simply a mistake made by a company and is relatively easy to resolve.

But LeAndrue McCoy has been having a difficult time getting his double-dipping issue fixed.

To help you understand McCoy's problem, let's start at the beginning and tell you that McCoy is a huge Arizona Cardinals fan. In fact, one look at his closet and you'll see all Cardinals jerseys.

But his passion for the Cardinals has kind of put McCoy in a jam.

"I'm absolutely fed up," McCoy told 3 On Your Side. "I just want a path to resolution."

McCoy says he initially made a reservation on Southwest Airlines for a trip to Las Vegas. However, due to his work schedule, he wasn't able to go.

So, he called Southwest Airlines, canceled the trip months in advance, and then asked what would happen to the $180 he spent on the Las Vegas ticket.

Southwest said it wasn't a problem; all McCoy had to do was book another Southwest reservation within 12 months and the funds would transfer.

"They said ... 'You have up to a year to use these funds, and any time you want to make your trip, just simply book it and those funds will be applied,' " he recalled.

That sounded good to McCoy. He decided to use those funds to attend the upcoming Cardinals game in Dallas with a bunch of his buddies.

He says he booked the flight online and entered in his old confirmation number like he was told to do.

The funds from his first trip transferred over just fine, but McCoy was also charged a second time on his credit card.

"They double-dipped me," he said. "They charged me when they weren't supposed to." 

Getting double-dipped just isn't right, but McCoy says convincing Southwest Airlines to listen and correct the $180 mistake has been impossible.

So, he made a decision.

"I contacted Gary Harper from 3 On Your Side," he said.

3 On Your Side asked Southwest Airlines to look into the matter, and not only did they discover the error, they immediately credited McCoy's account for $180.

McCoy says he's relieved and couldn't have done it without 3 On Your side.

"The fact that Southwest stepped up and really identified their mistake and rectified it, I'm happy," he said.

By the way, Southwest Airlines never did tell us why the mistake happened to begin with or why it was so difficult for them to initially resolve it for McCoy.

However, it's fixed now and 3 On Your Side appreciates that.